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  • Our 2019 AGM will be held at 11.30 on Wednesday 15 May at Boidier Hurst Scout Camp, Box Hill Road, Headley, KT20 7PL. Further details are available on our AGM 2019 Page.
  • The Stewponds Car Park at Epsom Common has now re-opened so walks will be held there as scheduled from January 2019 onwards.
  • We have started running 1 hour walks in Horton Country Park one Tuesday a month. These start from the Old Moat Garden Centre and Cafe, Horton Lane, KT19 8PQ. They are aimed at clients of the Richmond Fellowship which is based there and helps those with mental health problems but are open to all. For further details see the Programme.
  • Our 2018 AGM was held at 11.30 on Wednesday 16 May at Boidier Hurst Scout Camp, Box Hill Road, Headley, KT20 7PL. Further details are available on our AGM 2018 Page.
  • Parking at Headley Heath now costs £1.50 per hour for the first two hours so walkers should expect to pay £3 when coming on one of our walks there. Parking continues to be free for National Trust members. Parking at Boidier Hurst for the AGM is free.
  • WALK LEADING   If you are a walker with us , or even new to walking, you may want to consider volunteering as a Walk Leader.We are urgently looking for new walk leaders to step up. Its fun, interesting and involving.  We offer accredited training and support. You can do as little or as much leading as you are able. Cover is available for those unavoidable times when you may be sick or have an important appointment. Most walks have Leaders, Middle Markers, and Back Markers so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Start as a back marker and progress from there. Call the enquiry number on the home page if you are interested, or drop an email to with your details and availability and  for further details. Or talk to one of our walk leaders. Get involved and help support your  EEHW.
  • Total recorded health walk attendances in 2018-19 were 3,782, up 100 (3%) on 2017-18. Compared to 2017-18, Wednesday attendances fell by 89 (5%) to 1,673, Sunday attendances rose by 92 (12%) to 841 and Monday attendances fell by 20 (2%) to 1,149; Tuesday walks introduced in May 2018 had 119 attendances. 300 different people came on walks in 2018-19 (up from 270 in 2017-18 but a similar number to 2015-16 and 2016-17), averaging 12.5 walks each (down from 13.6 in 2017-18 and the lowest since 2014-15). Average numbers on walks in 2018-19 were 33 on Wednesdays, 17 on Sundays and 26 on Mondays compared to 35, 16 and 26 for 2017-18.

Read full report for 2018-19 and previous reports.

  • Total recorded health walk attendances in Winter 2019 were 1,086 (a new record), 212 (24%) more than in Autumn 2018 (874) and 179 (20%) more than in Winter 2018 (907) (There were 2 more walks in Winter 2019 and in Autumn 2018 than in Winter 2018).Compared to Autumn 2018, Wednesday attendances rose by 117 (33%), Sunday attendances rose by 49 (26%), Monday attendances rose by 31 (10%) and Tuesday attendances rose by 15. Compared to Winter 2018, Wednesday attendances rose by 54 (13%), Sunday attendances rose by 19 (9%), Monday attendances rose by 69 (25%) and Tuesday attendances rose by 37 (there were no Tuesday walks in Winter 2018). 198 different people came on walks in Winter 2019, up from 173 in Autumn 2018 and 164 in Winter 2018. The average number of walks they attended was 5.3, up from 4.9 in Autumn 2018 but down from 5.5 in Winter 2018. Average numbers on walks in Winter 2019 were 36 on Wednesdays, 18 on Sundays and 29 on Mondays compared to 29, 16 and 29 for Autumn 2018 and 32, 18 and 25 for Winter 2018.

    Read full report for Winter 2019 and previous reports.

  • Can all walkers arrive in plenty of time for the start of walks at 10am  please, especially where there are large groups of walkers or the weather is poor which may add to registration time for the leaders.
  • Epsom and Ewell Health Walks has recently joined The Walking Partnership. This new partnership, supported by Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, provides direct financial contributions to local walking groups to help with organising group walks, encouraging people to get out walking, helping to clear and improve footpaths, providing equipment to help walkers etc. Over the past 65 years, Ramblers Worldwide Holidays has given many millions of pounds to assist walking charities and conservation projects in Britain and the countries they visit on their worldwide holidays. Now our group can benefit directly. Ramblers Worldwide Holidays operate group walking holidays in the UK and all around the world. Each holiday is accompanied by a qualified walks leader, so you can leave all the organising to them and just enjoy meeting like minded people and of course, some fantastic walking. Holidays are graded in terms of difficulty, and there is a full range from sightseeing right up to hut-to-hut mountain treks. Take a look at their website on or give them a call on 01707 331133 for more details or to order a brochure.Remember when you book to quote the name of our group, and we will then receive a contribution of £10 per person on UK holidays, £20 per person on short haul holidays, and £30 per person on long haul holidays. This extra funding could really make a difference to us! For more details, visit The Walking Partnership website at
  •     Check out the new Walking for Health site for lots of tips and information about walking nationally Cool Why its so good for you, and how you can quickly get fit from walking once or twice a week…



  • Did you know that walking is as good as jogging for your heart? US scientists have ( according to a report in the Times 4/4/13) found that a brisk walk proved to lower the risk of heart desease, high blood pressure and diabetes slightly more thanthe same amount of  energy expended on more vigorous activities.
  •  Walking could be the secret to a long life. Read an article about a Surrey resident aged 105 who believes this is why she has lived so long at


  • We always welcome good photographs of the walks, if you feel you have an interesting shot and have permission of those in it, please get in touch.
  • We are also interested in receiving any interesting articles about your walking in Epsom and Ewell send to


  • Encourage your friends and neighbours to come on one of the walks this week or next……all are welcome….Monday walks are a good way to start if you are recovering from illness or surgery or want to have some light exercise, with fewer walkers and slower pace…check the programme for locations and times… just turn up and make yourself known to the walk leader in High Viz jacket …….hope see you soon